Film programme 'MuVi Award 2007/2008'

Organized by Contemporary Arts Centre in cooperation with Art Research lab.

„MuVi Award 2007 / 2008“: Oberhausen international short film festival 2008 music video selection (60 minutes)


MuVi Award 2007/2008

Good Morning Stranger (music: Monta)
Directed by: Jakob M. Kubizek, Germany, 2007

Terror of Sleep (music: Von Spar)
Directed by: Ole Ziesemann, Germany, 2006

Dive (music: Christopher Wilits)
Directed by: Iris Piers, Germany, 2006

H.O.N.D. Aerobic (music: Felix Kubin)
Directed by: Mariola Brillowska, Germany, 2007

Don’t Go Any Further (music: Disillusion)

Directed by: Philipp Hirsch, Germany, 2006

Domin, libra nos (music: The Space Lady)
Directed by: Oliver Pietsch, Germany, 2006

Time Is Running Out (music: Telefon Tel Aviv)
Directed by: Tim Bollinger, Germany, 2007

Dot (music: Michael Fakesch)

Directed by: Jörg Petri, Germany, 2007

Bestes Deutsches Musikvideo (music: Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget)
Directed by: Luigi Archetti/Bo Wiget, Germany, 2008

Tween My Lips (music: Food for Animals)

Directed by: Martin Sulzer, Germany, 2008

Real Snow (music: Kaspar Astrup Schroeder)
Directed by: Lisa Rave, Germany, 2007

Where In This World (music: The Notwist)
Directed by: Markus Wambsganss, Germany, 2008

Ich bin der Stricherjunge (music: Stereo Total)
Directed by: Simone Gilges, Germany, 2007

Blackbird (music: Michael Fakesch)
Directed by: Giraffentoast, Germany, 2007

Terra Incognita (music: Rechenzentrum)
Directed by: Lillevän, Germany, 2007

Aus meinem Kopf (music: Erdmöbel)

Directed by: Sandeep Mehta, Germany, 2007


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