Press conference: Friday, September 17th, Contemporary Art Centre; Alberta street 13, Riga, Latvia

European Commission has recently developed new technology policy that favours the Internet of Things. This means that objects become smart and start talking to people. In Europe smart cities are emerging. We believe that the creative sector should get involved and take initiative in building smart cities. Therefore we have established

We believe that new technologies can be used to create better human relations and encourage social cohesion, instead of using it only as a surveillance and control mechanism. We are looking for and are open to initiatives that would help to diminish distrust in human relations that hampers innovation and progress.

Participating at press conference:
- Rob van Kranenburg (NL) - innovation and media theorist involved with negociability strategies of new
technologies and artistic practice, predominantly ubicomp and RFID, the relationship between the formal and
informal in cultural and economic policy, and the requirements for a sustainable cultural economy
- Andris Vētra (LV) - new media artist
- Edgars Raginskis (LV) - composer, journalist, MA student in New Media Art
- Anna Trapenciere (LV) - new media artist, MA student in New Media Art
- Agnese Bite (LV) - new media artist
- Gints Kauniste - expert in marketing

The aim of this press conference is to discuss the possible smart city development scenarios.

The establishment of COUNCIL OF THE INTERNET OF THINGS LATVIA is an initiative of 'The Internet of Things' workshop participants (September 15th-17th, 2010)
Centre for Contemporary Art / Liepaja University
The workshop is organized within Liepaja University project 'Development of New Media Art education in Liepaja' that is financed by the Europe Economic Area and Norwegian bilateral Financial mechanism, as well as Liepaja City Council.

For more information please contact:
Agnese Bite
Tel.: 29123197


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