MPLab researchers Anna Priedola and Maija Demitere share their experience on Social Innovations' Forum

The cultural department of the city of Liepaja will offer on 25/09 and 26/09/2019 two days of reflection focusing on the Social Innovation topic. 

Social innovations, along with technology innovations take an increasingly important role in the development of modern cities. Responding to people’s needs, they create ideas and new forms of communication.
During the social innovations’ forum, we will analyse practical examples, how governments, citizens and different public organizations can orientate in the digital world, make the urban environment attractive and use new methods to attract people, develop the culture, speak about important topics and explain political decisions.
During the forum, leaders of different industries will share their vision and experience about cultural environment, creative economics and challenges thereof, and discuss such global issues as influence of art on climate changes, city development and innovations perspectives from the point of view of youngsters, solutions of current social problems and challenges by means of innovations and other issues.
We will also point to the changes in the society, share different experiences and learn from them. We’d like to create a communications platform where representatives from different areas can meet, discuss and implement their ideas.
Politicians and principal policy-makers, representatives from culture, education, media and creative industries, IT experts, practicians of social entrepreneurship and youngsters are welcome to participate in the forum.

Anna Priedola and Maija Demitere will answer the question "How does art change climate?"


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