MPLab takes part in Baltic Trail electronic music gathering

Baltic Trail is a gathering for electronic music producers and musicians – a creative camp and mini showcase festival. The main goal of the gathering is to unite movements of forward-thinking music creators within Baltics and provide a platform for audio-visual collaboration, as well as knowledge sharing and networking.
This year’s camp dates 20th to 28th of September. Location: Liepāja city.
Participants: Multilux (LV), Evija Vēbere (LV), MNTHA (LV), ELVI (LV), SKD (LV), Platon Buravicky (LV), Demaui (LV), Glociks (LV), Mantautas Krukauskas (LT), Pijus Džiugas Meižis (LT), Ruta MUR (LT), Karkasas (LT), Distorted Noise Architect (LT), Fume (LT), Ratkiller (EE), ELLIP (EE), Theodore Parker (USA/EE), Morning (LT), Jack Valery (LV).
Activities plan:
26.09 20:00 Spatial sound showcase @ Wiktorija
27.09 12:00 - 17:00 Spatial sound installation @ Wiktorija
27.09 17:30 Spatial sound showcase @ Wiktorija
27.09 19:00 Camp results showcase @ Wise
27.09 23:00 Afterparty @ Kursas Putni(TBA)28.09 21:00 Closing night @ Wise (as part of Liepāja Art forum 2019)

Read more and get familiar with participants:
Spatial sound experiences:
Baltic Trail camp:
Closing night of Baltic Trail :
Produced by: Dirty Deal Audio
Partners: Liepaja city municipality, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Musical Innovation Studies Centre (MiSC), Liepaja University Art Research Laboratory (MPLab); Venues: Wiktorija, WISE and Kursas Putni; Sound equipment: 3S, Bang un TStudio; Thirst: Kokmuižas Alus.
Funded: Liepāja city municipality, Concert hall Great Amber, Future DiverCities, Creative Europe and VKKF.

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