Symposium on Baltic Media Art: 1989-2019.Cracks and Continuities

Nida was famous for hosting artists and their colonies since XIX century. Since the 1980s it was hosting photography seminars with experimental spirit in Soviet Union. And finally, since the early 1990s it became a meeting place for various artists to organize crazy symposiums. Here we - 40 artists, curators and researchers - are now to look back and bring different generations of artists who started their careers in the Baltic region.1990s, 2000s, 2010s and is going to start in 2020s to share their artworks and insights in order to help us to understand the multi-linear developments of Media Art within the Baltics. What was the impact of Nida on development of artists work and activities: from Žalias lapas (Green Leaf group) up to now to international residency programme at Nida Art Colony.

Moderator Vytautas Michelkevičius

PROGRAMME (is open for public and free)

September 16th, Monday:
8pm Artist Talks.
Alvydas Lukys. Photographicality of Nida. From a Sight to the Method (1990s)
Irma Stanaitytė. Projects around the Baltic Sea (2010s)

September 17th, Tuesday
10.00-11.00 Guided walk through the history of site-specific symposiums and art works from artists-activist group “Green Leaf” (1990) to Inter-format Symposium on Humour and Absurdity (2019) by Vytautas Michelkevičius

19.00 Artist talks (TBC)
Artūras Raila. “It takes the whole lifetime to tell you what happened to me”
“Reiktų viso gyvenimo, kad paaiškinčiau kas man atsitiko”.
Arturas Bukauskas. Zoetic forms of illusion. Case studies“. Works by Vilnius Academy of Arts Animation students’
Žilvinas Lilas - presentation of KHM Media Art Education programme
Discussion “What is coming after Media Art: (New) Media Art, Research-based Art, Post-internet art, Bio Art, Unstable Art, Artistic Research or …?

Wednesday (18th)
Day of exchanges of the programmes of (Inter) (Media) Art around the Baltic Sea
8.00-9.30 Artist Walk. Vitalij Červiakov. Quicksilver Jet (2017)
9.30-10.30 am Breakfast
10.30am Morning lecture „What happened to techno-future of the 2000s after 2010?“ (Jurij Dobriakov, PhD researcher)

5.00-5.45 Nida artist in residency talk.
8-10 pm audiovisual performances by Latvian young artists

Thursday (19th)
10.00 Artist talk. PhD researcher and artist Arnas Anskaitis

Artist talk Marge Monko (EE)
Artist talk Laura Kuusk (EE)
Young artists talks and performances: Aksel Haagensen, Maris Karjatse and others (Estonia)

Friday (20th)
Artist talk Anka Lesniak (PL)
Discussion “Media-based participatory and activist art”
Time for exchange & developing collective art work

Artist talk Maija Demitere
Young artists talks and performances: Ania Włodarska, Alicja Sukiennik, Maciej Lewandowski (Poland)
Young artists talks and performances (Lithuania)

Monday (23rd) TBC

Plans for future collaboration and establishing “Media Art Education” network

Tuesday (24th) TBC
Artist talk ...
Lecture-workshop on documentation in white and green cube
Performing outside in town

Symposium is party supported by Lithuanian Culture Council and Vilnius Academy of Arts


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