RIXC "Lunch Talk" with "Fields" residency artists and nightingale performance by David Rothenberg

... Sound recordings of the wild animals moving in the night, experiments with the pine tree resin transformation, extracting the turpentine, visualizations of population and migration data in Kurzeme region of Latvia, 3D scanning of abandoned farms, and other multimedia experiments, which a group of artists performed during the RIXC “Fields” residency this summer, was a continuation of “green” exploration. Along with the broad scale of “green” topics presented in “Un/Green”, RIXC festival exhibition, which currently is on view at the National Art Museum in Riga, the “Fields” residency artists suggested to look at ecology theme from the perspective of migration: “Migration is a natural law: everything moves, everybody migrates” (RISK Change* project concept).

The closing program of RIXC “Fields” residencies will take place on Thursday, August 29, at 16:00 in “Lunch Talk” series at the RIXC gallery, Lenču iela 2. It will include presentations by this summer “Fields” residency artists – Ivo Taurins, Ieva Viksne, Liga Velina and Rasa Smite. 

 RIXC “Lunch Talk” also will feature special guests – Charles Lindsay, conceptual artist, and David Rothenberg, musician, who will play live music together with pre-recorded sounds by nightingale songs in Berlin.

RIXC Lunch Talk programme:

16.00 – RIXC “Fields” residency presentations by Ievas Viksne, Ligas Velina and Ivo Taurins

17.30 – Coffee break and informal talks, during which Rasa Smite will introduce the “Un/Green” exhibition and GREEN, new European project, as well as the future plans of the new LiepU un RISEBA master program “New Media and Audiovisual Arts”.

17.00 - Charles Lindsay “Recipes for the Mind”, presentation

17.30 - David Rothenberg “Nightingales in Berlin”, performance

18.30 - Guided tour through the exhibition “Lost in Code” exhibition by Liga Velina, Ieva Viksne and Milda Ziemane.


RIXC Lunch Talk programme - admission free. Please register by sending an email rixc@rixc.org, if you would like to attend. 


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