Audiovisual art festival TiF organised MPLab artist Peters Riekstiņš' group Trihars

AVOTI.TiF [SOURCES.TiF] is an annual audiovisual art festival taking place in Cīrava, Liepaja and Riga (LV) – entertaining countryside, small town and capital audiences accordingly.

Focus of the 3rd festival is sound source and sound as a pool ["avots=spring" in Latvian] where one can immerse herself.

The festival begins with a residency in Cīrava watermill. Artists from America and Europe will search for sounds sources in the countryside. 5 day long residency will result in 5 concerts.

Cameron Fraser | USA
Dawid Liftinger | AT
Axel Pulgar | AR
Isabelle Finou | DE
Trihars | LV

Cīravas kultūras dzirnavas 23.08., Kultūras nams Wiktorija 24.08., Bārs Č 27.08., Bārs Aleponija, Kultūrtelpa Tu jau zini kur

Organised by >run - art experiments
Supported by: VKKF, MPLab, DXART, CitaAbra, RadioNaba


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