Opening of "Electronic Sculptures" exhibition by Eirik Brandal

Eirik Brandal is an artist and composer currently based in Riga, LV. While originally studying music composition, his work has shifted toward electronic sound sculptures, looking to uncover the intrinsic beauty of circuits. By laying the circuits out in an architectural fashion, their context is changed from being functional objects to becoming objects of art. 

In his works sound and lights are used as a means to create a sense of transparency between the audience and the internal processes of the sculptures, with the aim of giving the sculptures the characteristics of independent communicative entities. The exhibition will present electronic sculptures from series ihscale,  exmouth and lawrenceihscale is a series of sensor-equipped sculptures that produce tuned waveforms where the pitch is determined by how many, and where, people are moving in the room. The sensors work in a way that allows zones to be set up in the room, where movement in those zones will trigger a certain chord from the combination of sculptures. As people move from zone to zone, the sine waves glide to form the next chord associated with that particular zone. exmouth & lawrence utilizes sensors to detect movement around them and adjust their sound accordingly as well. Contrary to ihscale, however, these sculptures each have two oscillators tuned in close proximity to create beatings that vary with the motion around them. Each sculpture is also equipped with seven peripheral light modules that also react to motion, creating patterns of light.

The exhibition will be on display until July 28th.

For more information visit the RIXC website or the website of Eirik Brandal 

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Supported by: State Culture Capital Foundation, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, Riga City Council.


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