SOUND DAYS 2019: apply for free workshops!

Annual international sound art festival SOUND DAYS is back and will take place in MPLab, Liepaja, LV from 19th of April until 5th on May. The fstival programme consists of 5 workshops, 3 performance nights, a seminar and an exhibition, and much more!

Apply for the workshops till 30th of April bywriting an email to

Yuri Landman – String Helicopters. Abstract sound miniature park consisting of strings and other visually inspiring material that is played my motors and guitar pickups.

GANZFELD – Creating Collaborative Live AV Performance with Code. Creation of sound and its transformation into visuals by the means of coding with the goal to create an audio-visual live performance. Sound synthesis with Supercollider and visuals synthesis with GLSL and Processing. 

John Grzinich – Senses of Place: Observation and intervention strategies in working with sound. Deep listening, examining environment and the perception process, field recordings.


Jacob Remin – Digital modular. Workshop participants will learn to prototype simple Arduino based modules that can interact with the eurorack modular world. By introducing programmable digital utility modules in the modular world we open up a Pandoras box of algorithmic composition and wonderful glitches.

Györgyi Rétfalvi – Covering Sound Days 2019


The aim of the 3 days workshop is to highlight the importance of sound for videoreporting and develope a 3-5 minutes long videoriport about the international workshop and festival week. What are the secret ingredients of a clear and catchy, informative and emotional interview as a basis of a videocoverage? How to use ambient noise to tell your story better and give your viewer the feeling to be a part of the event? We will figure it out together! And you will get to know a little bit about the role of videojournalism at journalism too.Skills like camera and editing basics are welcome! 


More info about the festival:

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