Exhibition "Face Sustainability" by MPLab researcher Anna Priedola

Media artist and head of Liepaja University Art Resarch lab Anna Priedola has been exploring sustainability issues since 2013 – analysing the works and propositions of scientists, artists and designers to use 3D printing, gene modification, internet of agricultural robots etc. for providing sustainability of the planet and humanity. Is the techno-optimism really reliable?

For the last year Anna Priedola has been exploring the designs and recipes by the proven sustainability experts – Latvian seniors who have managed to suistain their lives with very little resources throughout the wars and different economic and agricultural systems for many, many decades. The findings of these case studies visitors can explore by looking at the display of the sustainable design objects, and listening to the interviews with the sustainability experts in the exhibition.

Also during the digital, post-industrial era we must turn to our elderly to learn from empiric knowledge how to survive.

Exhibition open during working days 10 AM – 5 PM; Saturtdays 10 AM – 4 PM.




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