KLANG. Two artist groups, three performance nights and an exhibition.

Sound art exhibition KLANG from August 10 until September 8 is a collaboration between media art collectives Trihars (LV) and Radio433 (AT). Visitors are invited to the opening night and audiovisual performances on August 10th from 7 PM in Riga, Tallinas 6.

Each of the four pieces in the exhibition KLANG provides an individual view on various sound sources and their visualization in objects. Kristaps Bitter's work "Spinner" explores at the illusion of visual perception generated by the sound source. Peters Riekstins with the work "DSL" - "God bless Latvia" - emphasizes that the performance of the national anthem in itself is not considered to be blasphemy, betrayal, lack of patriotism, if the intention of the performer is based on good and loyal intentions. Rihards Vitols and Dawid Liftinger have collaborated on "∧∨" (up and down), where each artist explores the sound world in places we do not usually hear - high above populated areas and deep in the water. Stefan Tiefengraber's Ppang (Korean, "bread") spells the dynamics we face when we experience the contrast between noise and silence, in this case inspired by the daily routine of South Korean street traders.

The series of joint audiovisual performances by artists' groups will start at the opening of the KLANG exhibition in Riga on the evening of August 10, and will continue on the same weekend - on 11 and 12 August - in Liepaja and Pavilosta.In audiovisual performances, artists will use self-built musical instruments, bulbs, electronics and digital instruments, showing them through projection and physical objects to viewers. Performers program will feature Trihars, Radio433, Axel Pulgar and Reinis Naļivaiko.

Audiovisual Organism Trihars - Kristaps Bitters, Peter Riekstins, Rihards Vītols - together make audiovisual performances, but each individually deals with the creation of media art research and artwork. At the moment, artists are exploring the world of sound and the possibilities to express themselves in a visual way. New ideas for works created specifically for the KLANG exhibition in collaboration with Austrian Radio433 artists have also emerged within this framework.




Radio433 is sound art and noise music group from Austria. It consists of two Austrian artists, David Liftinger and Stefan Tifengrabber. Radio433 has organized and participated in various international events in Slovenia, Germany and Austria.




Venues and times:

KLANG - Totaldobže Exhibition at Tallinn Tallinas Street 6, Tallinn, opening on August 10, pl. 18.18, open from 16 August 2018 to 8 September on Thursdays and Fridays from 19.19 to 22.22, Saturdays 14.14-17.17.


August 10 in Riga, door from 19.00, Totaldobže in Tallinas street quarter on Tallinas street 6

August 11 in Liepaja door from 21.00, Society at Tirgus Street 9

On August 12, Pavilosta opened the door from 22.00, Wonderlandlv Kalna Street 43


Already in October 2018 KLANG with his accompanying concerts traveled to Linz in Austria.


Entrance to concerts and exhibitions free of charge.


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