An electronic application for studies has started

An electronic application for studies Liepaja University Bachelor's and Master's degree programs "New Media Art" has started.

Prospective students can master the technology of digital media - phography, video art, 3D graphics, interactivity, sound processing, etc., that will allow them to practice visual, interactive, sound art, as well as design and art research - according to the most current industry trends. Parallel to technical skills, students will learn art history and media and cultural theory, philosophy, critical and conceptual thinking, art research methodology; acquiring skills that enable to create a contemporary media art work and answer the question - so what?

Studies are led by international instructors, and students have the opportunity to participate in several international art festivals such as "Sound Day", "iWeek", "Art + Communication", etc., as well as to study abroad with the "Erasmus +" student exchange program .

Bachelor level studies take place in Liepaja, in Art Research Laboratory, where students can access the premises, equipment and library ata any moment for their studies and creative activities. There are 11 state paid study positions and 9 positions with a fee.

Master's level studies will be implemented in collaboration with higher education institutions RISEBA combining the two higher education institutions teaching staff and technical base. The studies will take place in Riga and Liepaja (plenaries, symposia and seminars). Master's program directions "Digital Art" and "Sound art and electronic music" will have 7 state budget places and 3 positions with a fee.

Both programs have been accredited until 2019.

Electronic study application: until 12 July:

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