"Virtuoso" exhibition now travels from Riga to Liepaja

Exhibition "Virtuosi" will take place from June 13 to June 28 ir Liepaja, Veca Ostmala 53. Opening - June 12, 20:30.

The idea of the exhibition has been inspired by 17th century play "Virtuoso" by Thomas Shadwell about scientific experiments. "Virtuoso – multiscience art platform” reflects ideals of today's virtuoso – it is a place for interaction of art and different sciences by using research methods from various fields and in the result creating unique art works.

Exhibition opening will take place at June 12, with excursion and artist presentation, as well as performance of audiovisual organism "Trihars".

Exhibition artists: Rihards Vitols, Paula Vitola, Maija Demitere, Krista Dintere, Kristaps Biters, Andris Vētra.

More information: virtuozi.mplab.lv

Exhibition has been created with support of State Culture Capital foundation and Liepajas university art and research lab.


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