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Liepaja University doctoral study programme “New Media Art” is the only programme in Latvia addressed directly to artists. It is a licensed programme that was first open in 2013.


Doctoral programme “New Media Art” was developed to encourage practice-based doctoral studies in Latvia – as it is elsewhere in Europe. Therefore in this innovative programme the academic theoretical research is a basis for artistic creation or practice-based research.

The main objective of this programme is to further the development of new, innovative theories and critical analysis in the field of new media and interdisciplinary arts, as well as the creation of new art forms and new art works that being based in artistic research with the integration of other scientific fields contributes to the creation of new knowledge.

As a result of the studies, doctoral candidates are expected to deliver a high quality doctoral thesis that is accompanied with an innovative artwork or creative project.


Staff team is gathered with outstanding New Media artists and researchers of the field – Rasa Šmite (LV), Ilva Skulte (LV), Christopher Hales (UK), Raivo Kelomees (EST) and others.

Study Environment

The study programme is based in the renovated space of Art Research Lab (MPLab) – Liepaja University building at Kurmajas prospekts 13. This space is equipped with all necessary technical resources and mediatheque through projects financed by Europe Economic Area and Norwegian bilateral Financial mechanism. Students and researchers have the exclusive possibility of working at MPLab space at any time 24/7.

Form of study: The program is based on an individual initiative in research, it does not offer regular lectures / training. Face to face meetings 3 times per semester in joint seminar (symposium) form (1 week) held in Liepaja and Riga.

Since the program is not a curriculum per se, it includes mandatory and optional features for the doctoral degree. Program acquisition model uses a combination of teaching methods that focus and maximize the students' learning experience based on a number of teaching and learning methods:

1) lectures (including online lectures) , seminars and workshops ;

2) Studies with other doctoral students to form study teams / pairs / networks;

3) Individual counselling and interacting online;

4) In an independent study, creative practical research.

Length of studies: Full-time studies are 3 years.

Degree: The doctoral degree is awarded to students who have obtained the appropriate intellectual, professional, academic and practical skills, and successfully completed their independent and original (new media art) study, in which theory and methodological skill are integrated.

Study fee: EUR 3180 per academic year.

Admission requirements

Doctoral applicants:

1) hold a master's degree in the arts and humanities;

2) hold a master's degree in a field (sociology, communication and information science, computer science, physics), with interests in creative research and who wish to develop a high level of interdisciplinary practice in new media art;

3) professionals working in the field of new media art and can attest to the master program matches the equivalent experience (recognized by practitioners of media art, performance art, visual art, film, photography, sculpture, fashion / textile design, sound design, animation and web design), if they are able to provide satisfactory results on the basis of experimental training evaluation process.

Entrance exam

1) Filled application form (in English)

2) Interview


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