Module:Cultural theory and philosophy
Teaching staff:
Mg. sc.soc. Normunds Kozlovs (1.5 KRP)
Haralds Matulis (2 KRP)
Dr. philol., Ilva Skulte (0.5 KRP)
Mg. philol. Linda Zulmane (1 KRP)

Module content

The module imparts basic knowledge in culture theory and philosophy in the context of new media culture, as well as the basic skills of discussions and critical analysis. Within the module, students get acquainted to the following issues/themes:
1. Theory and practice: from facts to theory
2. Significant ideas and authors in the history of philosophy
3. Nature, human and society
4. The history of research in anthropology and culture
5. Symbols and meanings
6. Language and its use, discourse concept
7. Ideology and power
8. Popular culture and subcultures
9. Personality and identity
10. Post-modern culture
As the student acquires knowledge in lectures and seminars, he/she learns to analyze and discuss the history of society and culture, as well as the current outstanding problems
Carrying out the final project, implementation and presentation of the research carried out by the student, encourages to deepen the knowledge, making use of it practically, as well as improving the student’s critical thinking skills.