Module:Project management
Teaching staff:
Mg. art. Dace Bluķe (3 KRP)
Mg. oec. Atis Egliņš-Eglītis (2 KRP)
Mg. art. Signe Pucena (1 KRP)

Module content

The module imparts comprehensive knowledge and skills regarding project management and team work, project preparation, presentation, implementation and evaluation.
The module includes the following:
Project management, strategy and funding
1) Organization management philosophy.
2) Management forms in institutions and companies.
3) The concept of a project and characteristics.
4) Specific project management.
5) Project types.
6) Project management conception, management functions and assignments.
7) Project life cycle.
- Social psychology
1. Mass psychology.
2. Manipulation. Aggression. Human and Inhumane.
3. Attitude, relations.
4. Group characterization. Individual and leader. Perception of another person within the context of social psychology.
Project preparation, management, presentation in practice
1. Defining a project, organizing and management of project team (project borderlines and meetings).
2. Strategy and funding.
3. Development of organization and culture of project (role determination of project participants, choosing of the form of project organization, forming project team communication, structuring a project).
4. Planning project responsibilities, time-limits, resources and expenses;
5. Coordinating, supervising and re-planning a project;
6.Analysis of project environment; risk analysis; result analysis;
7. Preparing project application;
8. Project administration and documentation, project amid reports and final reports