Teaching staff:
Mg. art. Maija Demitere (1 KRP)
Mārtiņš Krūmiņš (4 KRP)
Petras Saulenas (2 KRP)

Module content

Photography before photography (until 1839). Beginning of photography.
The second birth of photography (1839-1854). National patent competition. Application of photography in sciences, military, journalism, fixing cultural monuments, travelling.
Spreading of photography (1854-1880). Photography associations, first photo journals.
Photography and colonial expansion. Photography and social sciences, popularization of economic and ethnic peculiarities.
Photography and fine arts. First female photographers.
Photography in the time of modernism (1880-1918). Technological changes and the accessibility of the medium.
Illustrated magazines. Photographic postcards.
The institutional and professional self-confidence growth of photography: photo magazines, galleries etc.
Photography and the culture of modern cities.
Photography and fine art trends, futurism. Photography and the beginning of cinema
Photography during WWI.
The new vision (1918-1945). Photography and Russian Avant-garde, photomontage.
Photography in Dadaist practice.
Photography and Bauhaus.
Photography and surrealism.
„The crucial moment“ in photography.
Photography and visual advertisement.
“California Modernism”.
Zander in Germany.
Photography during WWII
Photography in the diversity of cultures (1945-1975) – Latin American, Japanese, American, European photography.
“Street photography”, documentalism, reportage. “Social landscape”.
Colour photography and Polaroid.
Photography in art – situacionists, pop art, beginning of conceptualism.
Pluralism in photography (1975 to nowadays). Social documentalism. Photo art and artist photography. “Constructed reality” in photography. Photography and ecology.
Photography in the practice of contemporary art.
The basics of analogue photography.
Technical aspects (camera, exposition, material theory, laboratory process)
Visual aspects
Formal means of expression. Composition.
Photography as specificity of language.
Analogue-digital thinking.
Genres, methods, trends in creative photography.
Digital photography. Processing. Presentation.