Module:The language of new media
Teaching staff:
Mg. art. Anna Priedola (3 KRP)
Pēteris Riekstiņš (1 KRP)
Mg. art. Paula Vītola (2 KRP)

Module content

Module “Language of New media” content includes the following:
- Cultural interface language
- New media environment and means of expression, forms, operations, analysis
- Main new media elements, characterizations and context
- interactivity, archaeology of interactivity, narrative
- multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity
- communication
- participation, cooperation, net
- time based process
- modularity
- hypertextuality etc.
- New media theory, outstanding new media ideas (media activism, subcultures, net cultures, global artistic practice etc.)
- history of media art
- new media technology influence on contemporary art and cultural processes.
In practical workshops students acquire the skills in the development new media art work in various digital media and internet. A great emphasis is put on the practical, creative process in real new media environment, as well as the module final projects’ development.