Module:Design methods and visualization
Teaching staff:
Mg. sc.educ. Ilva Magazeina (2 KRP)
Mg. art. Dzintra Vīriņa (3 KRP)
Mg. art. Paula Vītola (2 KRP)

Module content

The content of the module provides acquiring an extended theoretical aspect of media communication, including concepts, models, specific theories and traditions, especially regarding contemporary outstanding issues and their theoretical basis, as well as the newest theories and the development trends in communication theories. The module also includes short history of the above-mentioned theories.

Within the module student will become acquainted to the following issues:
- The general conceptions, history and outstanding problems of media theory.
- Media influence on culture and society.
- Transformation processes of the society and information society
- The development of technologies and mass communication
- The position of media in the changing world: politics, economics, culture and media
- Media and economy
- Media and the content of media
- The main problems of media management
- New media and internet communication, interactive communication
- Visual communication and the role of it in media communication nowadays