NEW MEDIA ART - BA programme

Bachelor study programme NEW MEDIA ART is multidisciplinary, dynamic, practice led, reseach-based, oriented towards cooperation and communication.

Rapid development of technologies means that innovations are coming into each and every area, including arts. It is changing forms, habits and thinking of communication. There is a need for artists, who are at the head of new media culture, processes and technologies; who have the skills and abilities to flexibly and creatively react to sudden changes; who participate in creating and researching new products and processes. New media art is multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary, within which creation of art works involves new technologies, and new art environments are created for communication and interaction.

The study programme was launched in September 2007 and is based on module system. It is based on characteristics of new media culture. It provides wholeness, purposeful and motivated link among modules, as well as it allows elastic changes within the study process. Within each module there are lectures, seminars, discussions in network, practical activities, independent studies, creation of the final project.

Programme is accredited until 2019.




  1. Provide quality academic education in the field of Fine Arts, subfield of New Media Art.
  2. Prepare research oriented new media artists that are competitive in work and professional environments.


  1. Provide quality learning process by providing students the necessary support and opportunities for academic knowledge and practical skills in new media art.
  2. Creating new media art studies in the right environment and offer a variety of interdisciplinary academic training, continuously improve the material and technical base as well as attract to the curriculum and research professionals in the field.
  3. To stimulate students' creativity in developing ideas, the ability to independently explore new, critically analyze, draw conclusions, to develop research skills.
  4. Encourage students to learn and experiencecollaboration, engaging, creating, presenting and conducting projects to understand the new media art processes and create works of art on the Internet or other communication media (mobile, live, locative or satellite).
  5. Reinforce learning with the real practice of national and international collaborative network.
  6. Provide publicly availablenew media art and research project.


  1. Students have acquired necessary knowledge (visual culture, contemporary art, media theory, net art, artistic research) in the area of new media art, are able to work with information in Latvian as well as foreign languages and critically analyze information.
  2. Within the study process students acquire skills for working with various new media tools and are able to select the ones most suitable for specific tasks.
  3. Students gain competencies needed for individual work and cooperation, creating a team, developing group and individual projects within the field of new media art as well as interdisciplinary projects and taking responsibility for the results.



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